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People-Appraisal Mindset

Defining what this mindset is, how it affects people’s lives, and what to do about it

People-Appraisal Process

Stated simply, People-Appraisal is a process that appraises (judges, measures, evaluates) how good and worthy/worthwhile a person is, one’s “true nature.”

Step 1. Evaluate (Judge, Measure) what People Do or Have

Step 2. Select Judgmental Words

Precise Description of the People-Appraisal Process

People-Appraisal is a process based on the belief that the intrinsic goodness and worthiness/worthwhileness of a person’s “true nature” can be determined by evaluating what the person does and has.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay
Intrinsic aspects of people. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Effects of People-Appraisals

Favorable Appraisal Effects

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Unfavorable Appraisal Effects

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Unconditional Self-Acceptance

It’s clear that People-Appraisal can greatly affect people’s sense of wellbeing, often adversely. One effective way for a person to avoid the emotional pain negative judgements is to understand that People-Appraisal is totally invalid and replace it with Unconditional Self-Acceptance.

Proof that People-Appraisal is Invalid

Question 1: Is it reasonable to appraise someone’s goodness and worthiness/worthwhileness by judging what the person’s body does and has?

In reality, people ARE only one thing: Fallible (Imperfect) HUMAN BEINGS. That is our essence, our true nature; it’s all we are and ever can be.

Question 2: Is it Really Possible to Appraise a Person’s True Nature?


I’m a clinical psychologist and software architect focused on understanding the intricacies human nature, mind, consciousness, thought, emotions and experience.

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