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A Definition of MINDSET

The Foundation of our Perceptions and Thoughts

A Mind is a concept that defines the functions of consciousness that enables and processes the elements of experience that are mediated by the brain, nervous system, and/or sensory organs.

A Mindset is a cognitive (mental) framework that’s “installed” in our mind to help us process every single piece of information that we receive from our surroundings. It includes the mental activities/functions of cognition comprised of:

  • Perceptions are an aspect of subjective sensory-based experience that includes awareness, recognition, discernment, and the comprehension/understandings of internal and external sensations/stimuli; they can be illusionary, imaginary, or objectively verifiable.
  • Thoughts are non-spoken (nor written) verbal expressions (“internal dialogue”) and/or visual images (in the “mind’s eye”) that emerge via memory processing, linguistic processing, reasoning, judgments/measurements/appraisals/biases, heuristics, and internalized rules/models, imagination, etc.

Mindsets also have associated emotions and behavioral tendencies.

There are many types of mindsets related to different conditions/situations, goals & objectives, personal experiences, and values, etc.

For more about mindsets:

I’m a clinical psychologist and software architect focused on understanding the intricacies human nature, mind, consciousness, thought, emotions and experience.

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